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all the little things 
17th-Jan-2013 03:37 am
Title:  all the little things
Pairing:  Theo/Hermione
Prompt:  the midnight ballroom
Rating:  PG-13
Word Count:  779
Summar She could never read his mind and he would never say his thoughts to her.
Author's Notes: series of ficlets and drabbles all related to the same universe.

She twists and turns in her sleep. At three in the morning, she gives up and sits in bed instead. She’s propped up against a set of fuzzy pink pillows that had been a gift from Luna. She stretches her legs lazily against the softness of her bed before grabbing a book she had left on the bed stand.

The clock ticks from outside the living room.

It’s four already and she’s nowhere closer to sleeping than when it was three.

She shoves the book neatly into the gigantic stack that’s hovering over the small bed stand. Harry and Ron’s invitation to The Burrow for Christmas feels tempting right now. She doesn’t like the looming darkness that reminds her how empty the house is. She takes another glance at the time with the digital clock her mother brought for her.

4:23 AM

She feels reluctant to get out of bed. Her blankets are the only thing protecting her from the cold. So she sits there, staring blankly in front of her. Her breathing is loud to her ears.

4:45 AM

She sighs, running her fingers over her hair. She finds knots, unsurprisingly, and gives up the task. Before she can change her mind, she brings her feet over the mattress and stand up. She puts on a simple blouse and a pair of worn jeans. Right before she steps out of her room, she turns back as she realizes she’s forgotten her coat. She wraps it around her shoulders as she steps into her fireplace and yells, “The Burrow!”

When she sticks her head out of the fireplace, she’s not surprised to see Harry sleeping on the couch, arms wrapped around Remus’ and Tonks’ child. He stirs awake. He blinks hard and rubs his eyes before grabbing his glasses off the table. It is only with glasses that he sees her, standing with her hands shoved awkwardly in the pocket of her coat. He stares at her groggily before he really notices her presence.

He checks his watch, notices the time and smiles boyishly at her. “Merry Christmas, Hermione.” He looks up at the stairway and then looks back at her. “Want me to get Ron?”

She shakes her head and mouths a “No” before sitting down quietly with the two of them. “Merry Christmas, Harry.”

She sees the way Harry’s eyes flash knowingly at her tone. He reaches for something in his pocket and for a second, she thinks he’s going to give her a handkerchief but no, it’s a piece of paper.

She stares at him curiously.

“Teddy’s Christmas gift for you. He fell asleep drawing it.”

She takes the paper delicately. It’s drawn in crayons. There are weird markings everywhere. She looks at the figure with a triangle for a body and messy scribbles for a hair. “Is that me?”

“He insisted on the dress,” says Harry.

A smile lights her face. Teddy was the sweetest child with all the little things he did.   

“Is the other person you? He has dark hair, I think,” she says.

Harry shakes his head. “He drew Theo.”

“Oh,” says Hermione.

“Teddy was talking about some midnight ball thing.” He’s studying her carefully now.

She looks at the picture again and notices the other figure doesn’t have glasses. Oh.

By now, Teddy’s sleeping on Harry’s lap. He’s snoring quietly. She sees Harry looking at her still.

“How are you two?” he asks finally. The question looks as if it had been sitting in Harry’s mind for a while.

She shrugs. “He’s still my friend.”

Harry looks uncomfortable, practically fidgets in his seat. She knows he was never quite used to dealing with situations like these. She doesn’t blame him. She doesn’t know what to do either.

“I’m fine, Harry,” she insists.

Harry doesn’t look convinced, but he doesn’t say anything. “You should get some sleep.”

“What about you?”

He takes the young boy in his arms and lifts him up. “We fell asleep on the sofa.” He laughs. The boy stirs in his arms.

“U-Uncle Harry, what’s going on?” The boy rubs his eyes and yawns.

“You’re going to bed,” says Harry. “Up you go.”

The boy cranes his neck until he spots Hermione. “But, Auntie Hermione’s here!”

“She’ll still be here in the morning,” says Harry and he looks to her, as if confirming his words.

She nods. “Right.”

He nods back. “You can sleep in Ginny’s room. She’s still at the hospital. We’re going to visit her tomorrow, but if you feel tired, you can sleep in.”

Hermione shakes her head. “She’s my friend, Harry. I’m coming too.”

Harry nods his head one last time and heads upstairs.  

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