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if you really wanted to know
all the little things  
16th-Jan-2013 12:09 pm
Title:  all the little things
Pairing:  Theo/Hermione
Prompt:  the sea
Rating:  PG-13
Word Count:  221
Summar She could never read his mind and he would never say his thoughts to her.
Author's Notes: eries of ficlets and drabbles all related to the same universe.

Once Harry and Ron have gone, she’s left alone again. She’s wafting through memories and stops at one she has nearly forgotten. It was during the summer at the sea. She still recalls the scorching sand and Theo’s raised eyebrow and quirky smile as he laughs at her before wrapping his arms around the back of her knees and lifting her from the ground. She remembers protesting, very vehemently, and hearing his laughter ring in her ears.

She’s so happy at the moment (back in her little flat in the middle of winter) that she smiles. Once the memory has faded and her smile is worn, she moves away from her cozy living room to her bedroom.

She whispers a spell under her breath. There’s a sound of a door opening before a tiny black box flies into her hands. The velvet feels soft against her touch. She opens it.

There’s a ring sitting inside.

She doesn’t look at it for too long and closes the box before setting it aside on her drawer. She settles on her bed and looks up at the ceiling.

She always thought she’d be married by now.

There had been a choice to accept, to wear the ring on her right hand.

Then maybe, she muses, just maybe, he’d be here right now with her.

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